Hand Controls

For our customers who want to retain their mobility by driving, hand controls provide the solution. We have different styles of hand controls available to suit your needs. From basic hand controls to the high-tech driving systems, we can get you driving again!      

Call 1-800-281-4423 for more information on hand controls!
Power Wheelchair and Scooters Lifts for Vehicles

The Bruno Curbsider is our most popular interior lift. Transporting power wheelchairs and scooters inside a vehicle is recommended for the best protection of equipment from moisture and road hazzards. The Bruno Curbsider's strong lifting arm easily lifts most sizes of power wheelchairs and scooters and features power rotation into the vehicle. It is available with 250 lb or 400 lb lifting capacity and optional power telescoping arm. The Bruno Curbsider will fit most minivans and some SUV's.

Ramps are a must when using wheelchairs or scooters. We can provide ramps in a variety of sizes, from 8 inches to 80 feet. Threshold ramps for doorways, folding portable "suitcase" ramps for vehicles, and permanent modular ramps for buildings, we have what you need!Call 1-800-281-4423 for more information on ramps!
Stair Lifts

For our customers needing help accessing additional levels of homes, Mountain Adaptive proudly features the Bruno Electra Ride series of stairlifts. Whether you need to get downstairs to the basement or simply wnat to enjoy your upstairs rooms again, we have a solution for you!The Bruno Electra Ride Elite is our most popular stair lift. The Elite features an upright rail design that is compact and resistant to clogging due to dust and hair accumulation. Other features include two wireless call/...
Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Options

The Braun Corporation has been a pioneer in the mobility industry since 1963. With a reputation for innovative design and quality craftsmanship, wheelchair and scooter users the world over depend on Braun for their personal mobility every day.The Braun Corporation, or BraunAbility, as it is currently known, originally created the first dropped-floor minivan with the introduction of the first Entervan in 1991. Today they remain the number one conversion company in the market, expanding to...

Wheelchair Securement Systems

At Mountain Adaptive, we realize that mobility is not just about being able to get around, it is also about getting around safely. That is why every vehicle we sell or adapt is equipped with the best securement devices available. From tie down straps to automatic wheelchair docking systems, we want our customers and their equipment to be safe and secure during transport.Call 1-800-281-4423 for more information on wheelchair securement systems!